+++First Contact+++


As mentioned yesterday first intel pictures show a small Forge Father scouting party just outside of Disodian 7.  Early reports show that there may be as many as 40 Forge Fathers in the stronghold however these are the first signs of them making any attempts to make any movement.

I think they may be aware of our remote imaging systems as they soon retreated back to the stronghold once we managed to capture this image.

Word of heavily modified weaponary (are the Corporation aware of it's existance yet??) have also been reported although we can not confirm the truth of these reports.  The only images we have obtained so far are sketchy from our Thermal Ranged Sensors but may point to the rumoured existance of the Dragons Breath and the (very) early production of Mjolnir Rocket Launchers.

+++ Mjolnir Rocket Launchers in production already? +++

+++ Could the Dragons Breath really exist? +++

Stay connected to this frequency for more intel.

+++Over and Out+++

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